What is the Vegas Golf Network?

We’re a different kind of golf league for players in Las Vegas. Monthly Tournaments for a year-long season title at various courses throughout the valley. Prizes, MAJOR events, putting contests, social outings, and more.

Here’s a video from our friends at Flyover Fairways to show you what we’re all about.


The VGN or Vegas Golf Network was created by Mathew, Joe, Jeremy, Reid, and Kyle early in 2020 to bring like-minded golfers in the Vegas area together.

We have three simple rules we all follow to be welcomed into the VGN:

  1. You have to live in Las Vegas and love it here.
  2. Golf has to be a passion of yours
  3. You can’t be a dick. ZERO DRAMA IS PERMITTED

What’s new for 2023

For the 2023 Season, we will be offering one membership for the VGN Tour.

  1. 2023 VGN Tour Membership – $250

Here is a breakdown of the membership.


A big change for the 2023 season is we are only offering one membership this year versus the three we had in 2022.

There was, and it was entirely my fault, too much confusion with the different levels of membership. While I loved creating some uniquely crafted items for the small groups of players that chose the Pro Membership last year, it separated the league and I don’t want that for 2023. We still plan on having some unique offerings of small batch VGN Goods but everyone will have an opportunity to own them now, not just a select group.


We have made some great connections with the VGN and consider everyone who has played in one of our events a member of the VGN Family. For some, though, golf is more of a social outing and not all about the competition. We love that mindset just as much as grinding it out in the VGN Tour events and do not want the social side of the “Network” to suffer. In 2022 we started the social membership options and didn’t take off as we had hoped. As it turned out more people played in the Tournaments and the Saturday Skins games than we were expecting so we have decided to make it a part of the VGN annual membership.

In 2022, The Double Par Empire Group brought their Saturday Skins Game to the Vegas Golf Network and we feel like it was a hit with the majority of our players. We’re in the process of revamping the Skins Game to make them even better! We tried hosting a skins game each Saturday, except on Tournament dates, but are looking to scale back a touch to make the fields stronger and more valuable to everyone.

Here is a list of benefits for joining one of the VGN paid memberships:

  • Access to all VGN Monthly Tournaments where LIVE Scoring via GOLF GENIUS will be active in 2023!
  • Access to the Vegas Golf Network on DISCORD. This is where we add A LOT of value to your golf life!
  • Access to The Vegas golf Network Community page on Facebook
  • Access to the Vegas Golf Network Club on SNGA
  • Host your GHIN with the Vegas Golf Network. Free with Membership ($42 otherwise)
  • Access to the Breakthrough Golf Technology King of the Green Putting Events
  • Opportunity to win our HOLE IN ONE Prize of $1,000. $5 entry per event to be eligible to win.
  • Championship Belt for Putting Champion
  • Members have access to the Saturday Skins games.
  • 20% Discount on orders at TRUE LInkswear
  • 10% Discount on all merch at www.thebreakfastball.com
  • 10% Discount on merch at www.hittingreens.com

2023 will be our 3rd full season and as the league has grown we now have some power to reach out to other vendors and create some better VGN Perks.

A little more info

We are happy to announce that for the 2023 season, we will be using Golf Genius with LIVE scoring in all the tournaments and potentially all Saturday Skins Games

Our goal for the 2023 Season is a lofty one! We exceeded expectations with our member numbers in 2022 so why not raise the bar even higher?

We had 78 players compete in two divisions in 2022. For 2023 we want that number to be 100! Here’s what we’re changing in 2023 to get to those numbers.

This season the league will be split into three divisions, possibly four.

  • The ♦️ Diamonds Division (Gross, no HDCPs will be used) This is Big Boy Golf!
  • The ♠️ Spades Division (Net, 4.0 to 13.9 Index)
  • The ♥️ Hearts Division (Net, 14.0 to 25.0 Index)

If we get more players than were expecting, a fourth division (the Clubs ♣️ Division) will be added. Each Division will crown a champion at the Tour Finals.

We’ll have a new points system in place putting more value on finishing higher up on the leaderboard.

We require a GHIN or a USGA-approved Indexing Service to verify all HDCPs.

The Vegas Golf Network is an official USGA Club. Your GHIN account is free, with us, if you sign up for the 2023 Season. This service is only available to Members. However, a VGN GHIN is not required to participate in our events. You must have a certified USGA handicapping service to compete, and we recommend GHIN, but it DOES NOT have to be with us or the SNGA.

In 2022 we established the Vegas Golf Network Community on Facebook. We’ll be looking for someone with those savvy social skills to help us out with that platform as well as our other social channels. We will be adding more content that allows us to engage with everyone easier so if you are on Facebook, click the link and join the group.

Are you interested in joining The Vegas Golf Network and the VGN Tour?

Before you head over to the signup page, have a look at our proposed 2023 Schedule:

  • FEB 18th – Rhodes Ranch
  • MAR 25th – Mountain Falls Golf Course
  • APR 15th – Paiute Golf Resort – MAJOR
  • MAY 13th – Conestoga Golf Club
  • JUN 10th – Siena Golf Club
  • JUL 1st – Primm Valley – Lakes
  • JUL 22nd & 23rd – Legacy Golf Club – Two-Day Summer Sizzle Event – more points
  • AUG 19th – Aliante Golf Club
  • SEP 16th – Coyote Springs – MAJOR
  • OCT 14th – Boulder Creek
  • NOV 4th – Chimera Golf Club
  • NOV 18th & 19th – Revere Tour Finals

If you find that schedule appealing you can click HERE to be taken to the signup page.

Or, if you have any questions, please fill out the contact form HERE, and Mathew will get back to you.

Thank you for checking out the VGN!

We hope you find what we’re doing of great interest and look forward to teeing it up with you at one of our events in 2023!