What is the Vegas Golf Network?

We’re a different kind of golf league for players in Las Vegas. Monthly Tournaments for a year-long season title at various courses throughout the valley. Prizes, MAJOR events, putting contests, social outings, and more.

Here’s a video from our friends at Flyover Fairways to show you what we’re all about.


The VGN or Vegas Golf Network was created by Mathew, Joe, Jeremy, Reid, and Kyle early in 2020 to bring like-minded golfers in the Vegas area together.

We have three simple rules we all follow to be welcomed into the VGN:

  1. You have to live in Las Vegas and love it here.
  2. Golf has to be a passion of yours
  3. You can’t be a dick. ZERO DRAMA IS PERMITTED

What’s new for 2022

For the 2022 Season, we will be offering three different memberships

  1. The Pro Membership – $200 
  2. The Amateur Membership – $100
  3. The Social Membership – $40

Here is a breakdown of each membership.


The Pro membership is our elite league, where everyone will be competing in monthly tournaments in a season-long points race to earn the title of VGN Champion. There are ten months of competitions from February 2022 through October 2022. Two of those events are MAJORS, with more points available for the participants. The season comes to a close in October 2022 with the VGN TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP. New for 2022, you will have to qualify for the season-ending tournament.

The Pro Membership grants you access to all the points tournaments we put on throughout the season and grants you access to any social events. The King of the Green will return for 2022, and any Pro Member will receive free entry into these events.

The Pro Membership also comes with a gift bag for each member who signs up. The items for the 2022 gift bag are currently being discussed within the board, and we have begun some dialog with a few brands to create some fantastic gifts. If you were a member in 2021 and received the VGN Ball Marker, you know the gifts are unique. We have discussed Bag Tags, Driver Head Cover, Divot Tools, and a few other items. The gift bag is being created to have a value of $100 at a minimum and will predominantly feature the VGN logo.


The basic membership is for those players who may not be “swag junkies” but still like to compete in the VGN Tournaments. All the benefits of the Pro Membership, minus the gift bag and free entry into the King of The Green, are available to the players who choose this level.


Another new option for 2022 is our Social Membership. We have made some great connections with the VGN and consider everyone who has played in the events a member of the VGN Family. For some, though, golf is more of a social outing and not all about the competition. We love that midset just as much as grinding it out in the VGN Tour events and do not want the social side of the “Network” to suffer. So for 2022, we will be hosting more social events where a small membership cost is required.

Some even more exciting news has recently come to the VGN. The Double Par Empire Group has decided to bring their Saturday Skins Game to the Vegas Golf Network. We’re in the process of working out all the details but the plan is to have an open tee time on Saturday mornings at different golf courses across the valley! These will take place each week, except on Tournament dates. If you have had an opportunity to play in one of the skins games you know how excited we are to welcome the Double Par to the team.

Come on out, meet some new people and create some new friendships. And, if you feel like you would enjoy the competition side of the VGN, you can always join one of the tournament memberships.

Here is a list of benefits for joining one of the VGN paid memberships:

  • Access to all VGN Monthly Tournaments
  • Access to the Breakthrough Golf Technology King of the Green Putting Series
  • Access to the Vegas Golf Network on Discord.
  • Access to The Vegas golf Network Community page on Facebook
  • Access to the Vegas Golf Network Club on SNGA
  • Opportunity to win the HOLE IN ONE Prize of $1,000. $5 entry per event to be eligible to win.
  • Championship Belt for Putting Champion
  • Social Memberships will provide members access to the Saturday Skins games.
  • 20% Discount on orders at TRUE LInkswear
  • 10% Discount on all Breakfast Ball Custom Shop work.
  • 10% Discount on all merch at www.thebreakfastball.com
  • 10% Discount on merch at www.hittingreens.com

There are several other “perks” in the works for members, so check back here frequently to see what we’ve added.

A little more info

I am thrilled to announce that for the 2022 season, we will be using Golf Genius for scoring in all the tournaments!

Our goal for the 2022 Season is to have 80 members with at least 40 players competing in each event. This season the league will be split into two divisions; The Championship Division (Gross) and The Breakfast Ball Division (NET). We will establish a base for the net side of things so a 2 or 3 index will not be competing against the net players.

We require a GHIN account to verify all HDCP’s. We do this so we know where to place you flight-wise. If you do not have a GHIN account, please check out the Southern Nevada Golf Association website for information on how you can obtain one.

We have our SNGA VNG club if you need a GHIN account. The Vegas Golf Network is an official USGA Club. We can make it happen if you want to get your GHIN through us. This service is only available to Members and IS NOT a requirement to participate in our events. You have to have a certified USGA handicapping service, and we recommend GHIN, but it DOES NOT have to be with us or the SNGA.

For 2022 we have established the Vegas Golf Network Community on Facebook. We will be adding more content that allows us to engage with everyone easier so if you are on Facebook, click the link and join the group.

Are you interested in joining The Vegas Golf Network?

Before you head over to the signup page, have a look at our proposed 2022 Schedule HERE.

Afterward, you can click HERE to be taken to the signup page.

Or, if you have any questions, please fill out the contact form HERE, and Mathew will get back to you.

Thank you for checking out the VGN!

We hope you find what we’re doing of great interest and look forward to teeing it up with you at one of our events in 2022!